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From Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s ‘From Hell’. Epilogue II. ‘Dance of the Gull Catchers’.

“This is harder than it looks. They all take a swing at it. Some even think they’ve bagged it, but the net, on examination, turns out empty.”

“the greater part of any murder is the field of theory, fascination and hysteria that it engenders. A black diaspora, our tireless, sinister enthusiasm. Five murdered paupers, one anonymous assailant. This reality is dwarfed by the vast theme-park we’ve built around it.”

“Truth is, this has never been about the murders, not the killer nor his victims. It’s about us. About our minds, and how they dance.”

In late 2006, then. Jarvis Cocker’s debut solo album, released on the 13th of November, includes the songs “From A to I” and “I Will Kill Again”. The former includes the lyrics ‘It’s the end: why don’t you admit it? It’s the same from Auschwitz to Ipswich: Evil comes I know from not where.’

The man charged with leading the investigation into the killing of five prostitutes in Ipswich is Detective Chief Superintendent Stewart Gull.

How soon before the press dub this the ‘Suffolk Ripper’?

(with grateful thanks to Simon Gurr)

edit. Eddie Campbell points out that one of the Ipswich victims’ surname is Nicholls.


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