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Politics and praise

I’ve never voted Conservative in my life, and while David Cameron’s videoblogging website is an interesting idea, it’s not going to make me change my mind overnight. There’s an openness that’s refreshing about it, although on the downside; the product placement of Ecover washing up liquid is a little blatant, and the John McCain interview is hardly probing, and comes across as a puff-piece to plug his appearance at the Tory Conference (which, as it’s attendance is made up of Conservative voters anyway, seems a tad redundant). What remains to be seen is how long Cameron keeps this going for – if he’s going to make any headway with the site, he needs to blog regularly, and be open to feedback and debate. It could (I stress the word could) be a forum for political engagement, or it could end up as a soapbox for Dave’s friendly-to-the-yoof image. What it turns out to be is up to him, but the first thing I’d advise is that he learns how to post material up there himself, and stops starting each post with ‘David Cameron…(opens / experiences / talks about)’. It’s off-putting and slightly patronising.

In other news, a shameless plug for the finest comic shop in the UK. Who asked if it was me when I just rang up and ordered some books, because they’d put them aside for me last night, expecting I’d ring today. That’s service.


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