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It’s a global market now…

Posted By tom On September 19, 2006 @ 11:25 am In New Media, film | No Comments

[1] This made me smile. Not especially because it’s a good show (although it is, and a pleasant reminder of how good the West Wing was when Sorkin was writing it), but because of the timing of the review. Studio 60 aired in the US last night, and this morning, the Guardian are reviewing it in the UK. On the one hand, that’s not so surprising; GuardianUnlimited has a global readership, and so the paper has to appeal to potential readers outside of the UK. What made me smile is that this is the first time I’ve seen a newspaper tacitly acknowledge that the landscape of TV distribution has changed. Carrying a review for the show that isn’t going to air in this country until next year is interesting, and certainly steals a march on any other commentary on Studio 60 from the Guardian’s rivals, but the fact is that a lot of people in the UK have seen the show, and therefore featuring commentary on it is perfectly relevant, and no stranger than reviewing content on BBC4, More4 or any other smaller broadcast station.

The legality of our having viewed it under the current distribution system, though, is another matter.

(an aside; ‘This Film is Not Yet Rated”, which details the workings of the MPAA in the US, was [2] pirated by the same organisation;

Submitting his own film, Dick learned that the MPAA had given it an NC-17 – and illegally made a copy of it. “The MPAA defines piracy as ‘any single unauthorized duplication of a copyrighted work’,” he chuckles, “so by their own definition they pirated my film.” )

I’ll be expecting a season 3 review of Lost from the Guardian in a few week’s time, though.

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