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Closing Tabs, and Postmodern Misunderstandings

Right, it’s Saturday, and while I’m pottering around catching up on correspondence, here are some things that I’ve had open and have been meaning to post about. It’s a very Neil-ish thing to do, I know, but I’m pressed for time, so here goes:

This piece on Universal’s attitude towards MySpace and YouTube. It almost begs a response on the wisdom of taking your user base to court, and the inherent greed implied in Doug Morris’ quotes, but I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. Although isn’t it odd that in the first run of CD buying (and the digital ‘revolution’), we all replaced our vinyl with new shiny discs, thus generating profit for music companies, and now that we’re transferring those discs to digital formats, the profit stream appears to be slowing down….

Mark Danielewski interviewed in the Los Angeles Times (via Bookslut). I think they’re wrong about him being a postmodernist with regard to “Only Revolutions” (that’s far too simplistic an interpretation of the structure of the book, and betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of Postmodernism and Modernism), but it’s an interesting piece nonetheless. And yes, if anyone has any contacts in LA, I’d love a photo of the house on Havenhurst Drive.

Tom Waits Top Ten Nightmares. Which I can’t quite figure out. Are these meant to be nightmarish images produced from Waits’ material, or, as it appears, anecdotes about songs and the effect of listening? Or are those the same thing. Anyway, have a read. (via Largeheartedboy)

And a profile/insight into/analysis of Jonathan Ive. Given Apple’s reluctance to allow interviews and access to the company, this is a pretty fine stab at updating Ive’s position within Apple, and has some marvellous details about the design process at Cupertino. (via LHB again)


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