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26 down, 26 to go

I hadn’t expected to be reading any more new media texts until the end of September, but while finalising the research for the latter chapters, I came across Nick Montfort’s ‘Twisty Little Passages’.
This is problematic, though. If I start including new material in the draft I’m writing, I’ll be here until christmas, on the other hand, if I ignore new ideas, then the second draft is going to be more major. Thankfully, Montfort’s book doesn’t throw anything new my way. Not to say that this isn’t a useful read – as a history and examination of what’s basically text-adventures (sorry Nick – you spend far too much time justifying the title ‘Interactive Fiction’ for all text-driven interaction for me to actually believe you – I appreciate there’s still an element of land-grabbing going on as regards titles and taxonomies for new media, but there’s more to IF than text and computer feedback) it’s a thorough and entertaining read. But as anything more than that, and certainly as anything that might suggest ways of developing interactive narrative, it’s a dead duck.


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