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52 weeks, 52 books

25 down, 27 to go

I honestly have no idea who bought me this, but it was a year or so ago, and so my apologies for not having gotten around to reading it before now. It’s actually been a diversion from re-reading blocks of text that relate directly to each chapter of the PhD, which, while interesting, gets a little stodgy.
So, Larpers and Shroomers. A documentary examining the emergence of new words, phrases and the development of language in (er, um) 2004. I said it had been on the shelf a while. It’s fascinating. And actually, reading it a year or two late, moreso to realise that phrases we now accept as commonplace; “sexing up” for example; have only been around since 2004. The gem, though, is the last section, which offers a word for each year in the 20th century. Why isn’t there an Avant Garde of the 19th Century? Because the phrase didn’t come into common usage until 1925. Egghead appears in 1907, and Wonderbra in 1947. Generation X, incidentally, (in no part due to Copeland) appears in 1952.

There might be a sentence of the day later on. Back to first-person narratives…


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