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Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s ‘A Disease of Language’.

Disease of Language
It’s not often that something comes  along that competely changes my perception of what a medium can do, but this is one of those ocassions. Before I read the two pieces in this volume (admittedly in their original, comics format rather than the collected version here), my view of Alan Moore’s more philosophical output was limited to the aspects of ‘From Hell’ that were ignored by the film adaptation. Here, he’s given full flight to those interests, and what we get is magical. ‘The Birth Caul’ is a meditiation on life, consciousness and reality, centred around Moore’s mother’s death, and ‘Snakes and Ladders’ takes those themes and moves them far further along the board. Accompanied by Eddie Campbell’s interview with Moore from Egomania, and closed with Eddie’s original sketches for ‘Snakes and Ladders’, this is a pleasure to read, and a joy to own.

Right, back to Chapter 5. And ‘The art of throwing a good party’.


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  1. ‘Occasion’

    A shirt [S] has collar and cuffs [CC]

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