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The deviant inhabitants of Nottingham

Posted By tom On August 14, 2006 @ 9:40 pm In PhD, Sentence of the day | 1 Comment

No, really, they are. Every street crossing is raised a few inches above the level of the tarmac, leading to a proliferation of ‘Humped Zebra Crossing’ signs, alternated between ‘Humped Pelican Crossing’. It’s no wonder they haven’t got a zoo up there.

And because I’ve been writing all day, and my brain is fried, here’s another of those sparkly sentences of the day for you all:

“Contrary to Ted Nelson’s fear that software design has passed into the hands of technically proficient, but human-interface deficient designers, Liestøl suggests that a more humanistic approach is now evident in computer games design, resulting in an increased level of consideration for the meaning of a particular aspect of what Nathan Shedroff called experience design.”

Right. I need some mindless TV. Back tomorrow. Unless you want to read some discussion on the nature of interaction and storytelling, in which case you ought to go [1] here. Have fun now.

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