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The deviant inhabitants of Nottingham

No, really, they are. Every street crossing is raised a few inches above the level of the tarmac, leading to a proliferation of ‘Humped Zebra Crossing’ signs, alternated between ‘Humped Pelican Crossing’. It’s no wonder they haven’t got a zoo up there.

And because I’ve been writing all day, and my brain is fried, here’s another of those sparkly sentences of the day for you all:

“Contrary to Ted Nelson’s fear that software design has passed into the hands of technically proficient, but human-interface deficient designers, Liestøl suggests that a more humanistic approach is now evident in computer games design, resulting in an increased level of consideration for the meaning of a particular aspect of what Nathan Shedroff called experience design.”

Right. I need some mindless TV. Back tomorrow. Unless you want to read some discussion on the nature of interaction and storytelling, in which case you ought to go here. Have fun now.


One comment for “The deviant inhabitants of Nottingham”

  1. OTOH, recent events at W3 would seem to support Ted’s worries, with the new spec of SVG being fast-tracked towards reccommendation (breaking their own rules in the process) despite the fact that the format as currently specified is violently incompatible with current and best practice in web design.

    The web and new media today seems to be run by a group of people that have the design sense of an autistic rockhopper penguin (Eudyptes chrysocome, of course) and an ability to implement designs that matches, but does not equal, the design ability of a paraplegic California Two-spot octopus (or any cephalopod, really). Computers today are ugly and/or unusable. Even Mac OS X could take a redesign in the name of usability.

    Baldur (who’s back in the UK, yay!)

    Posted by Baldur | August 15, 2006, 11:24 am

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