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Rob Bryanton’s ‘Imagining the Tenth Dimension’.
10th dimension
Hmn. It’s a good thing that the library tag for this book is both science and philosophy, as it’s the latter that is the stronger content within Bryanton’s writing. He acknowledges that his approach differs from most physicists and cosmologists early in the book, and honestly, once that issue is placed aside, this is an interesting and challenging read. He makes sense of the (I’m using Bryanton’s phrasing here) 2nd triad of dimensions (the 4th, 5th and 6th) as a way of visualising the possibilities available to each life within the universe, and although my ‘uh-oh’ radar kept going off each time he mentioned the point of view that any quantum observer operating on the 10th dimension could be analogous to god, this was enough of a philosophical viewpoint book to satisfy without preaching. Some lovely phrasing – the ‘possibility of a child’ being a fourth dimensional viewpoint of the 6th dimensional potential of a newborn, and the chapter on time travel is a pretty solid writer’s guide to approaching the subject.


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