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chicken and causality

Sunday afternoon, and while a chicken is happily bubbling away on the stove, surrounded by lemon, tomatoes, onions and herbs, here’s something to think about.

I’ve rambled on about dimensional physics before now – it’s a subject that I ostensibly know absolutely nothing about, having not studied physics beyond O-level at school, and only taking a cursory interest in science for most of my adult life. But one of the side effects of studying for a PhD (are you listening Mr McKenna?) is that in the process of researching for 5 years you read an awful lot of books and start to see connections between what’s being discussed in contemporary culture, and the work you’re undertaking. Well, I do anyway. So – dimensional physics and string theory.

This started as a way of explaining the shift that I believe has to occur in our understanding of the geography of the new media ecology, specifically the manner in which we’re prone, as creatures who inhabit a 3-dimensional universe and happily experience our lives as continual fragments along a 4th dimension that takes us from birth the death, to perceive new media, and the internet specifically, as occupying those same dimensions. Which, I’d argue, it doesn’t. Or at least it needn’t if we’re going to understand how to write within it.

The dimensional geography analogy actually fell down along the way, as it would have taken me another 5 years to understand it properly enough to incorporate into my PhD, but in the meantime my interest didn’t go away.

And now this: Imagining the 10th Dimension. I’ve no idea if the book is any good, or whether or not I’m going to make sense of it – but it’ll be one of the 52 read this year when it arrives, and if you have even the slightest interest in how our universe (and the rest of them) might be working – walk through the flash animation on the site. It’s a personal take (and the author cheerfully admits as such) on quantum geography, but it’s a pretty convincing one thus far.


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  1. Wow. Heavy. Was the chicken good?

    Posted by Andy | July 18, 2006, 2:07 am

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