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weeding and clearing the garden

While I’m here, a thought about podcasting. When all this started a year or so ago, and probably about the time that Ricky Gervais was podcasting through the Guardian, I was listening to as many as I could find. I tried newcasts, summaries, entertainment, music, the whole lot.

And then I stopped. It was probably having to reinstall iTunes early in the new year, when it stopped recognising CDs for some reason best known to itself, but when I got everything back and working, I just filtered out a load of stuff that I was deliberately making time for. Which may have been a necessary step in my relationship with the emerging ecology of the medium, or it may have been random timing.

Now it’s just the Today Programme interview, Digital Planet, Mark Kermode’s movie reviews from Radio 5, and the occasional bit of film or comics commentary that I post here too.

(speaking of which – Alan Moore on Radio 4 again..)

As I’ve just noticed that all of the podcasts listed about are from the BBC, is there anything else out there worth listening to?

Answers on a postcard, comment, or email.


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