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18 & 19 down, 33 to go

I’ve been meaning to post the Pale Fire notes for a while, but keep forgetting to do it, and as I read the Will Self book yesterday, they get posted at the same time and I get both out of the way at once.
pale fire
Pale Fire first then. I read Lolita a long time ago, and started Pale Fire on a recommendation. And, well, I’m sorry. Nabokov is undoubtedly a fine writer, and this is a very fine book indeed, but I couldn’t shake the sensation that there was a very clever author smiling a little too sardonically behind his typewriter as I read this. It’s a wonderful exercise in writing and misdirection, but it’s too full of being clever for it’s own sake for me to really enjoy it. Untrustworthy narrators are wonderful things, as are multi-layered narratives. I just didn’t think this was one of them.
Design Faults in the Volvo 760 Turbo, though, is small, deceptively so, and as good an introduction to Will Self’s writing as I can think of. Penguin have issued a set of 70 titles priced at £1.50 each (although you can get them for a lot cheaper than that on Amazon) and I’d recommend each and every one of you to search out a bookshop and buy something.

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