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17 down, 35 to go

Posted By tom On June 14, 2006 @ 5:07 pm In 52 weeks, 52 books | 1 Comment

[1] waits
There are some books that you read because they’re like really a night out in your favourite restaurant (I have a copy of Ishiguro’s ‘An Artist of the Floating World’ beside me right now, which is a near to expensive sushi as I can imagine), and some that are well prepared home cooking (anything by Jonathan Carroll, for example), and some books that are nachos and cheese, with beer, wine, or whatever takes your fancy. ‘Innocent When You Dream’ – the collected interviews of Tom Waits – is that brand of book – with japaleno peppers on top. Anything that carries as a quote on the back:

‘I’ve never met anyone who made it with a chick because they owned a Tom Waits album. I’ve got all three, and it’s never helped me.’ (Waits, c. 1977)

…is going to be worth the ride. And this certainly is. Spanning Waits’ career over the last 30 years, it’s irreverent, entertaining, occasionally incendiary, and never dull. Especially when Waits is bored with the interview and starts making things up.

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