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Nazis from beyond the grave

NB. This story has been slightly superseded by “actual” events, and as such a link* will be included at the end to clarify these heinous circumstances and their eventual resolution.

Adolf Hitler tried to stop me buying Mirrormask.

It’s true, I tells you. Noted believer in the power of the occult and the foresight of soothsayers, chicken-entrial readers and crystal balls, the mustachioed dictator has a grudge against me, and probably Neil and Dave too.

There I was, clutching an HMV voucher in my hand, last Friday afternoon, with nothing better to do than wander into the centre of Bristol and purchase mister McKean’s directorial debut. And what do I find, after walking in the pleasant (baking) sunshine, stopping for a coffee, and turning the corner upon which stands our local outlet for His Master’s Voice Ltd…?

A bomb. From World War 2. And the bomb squad have closed off the entire stretch of the shopping centre where HMV stands, in order to better poke said device with sticks and mutter about handiwork and how they don’t make them like that anymore.

Hitler has it in for me. But the little Austrian twerp didn’t reckon on Virgin having it even cheaper, and their emporium being out of range of his carefully placed high explosive device. That’ll teach him.

*It should be noted that said device turned out to be somewhat less dangerous than first thought. But I still blame that goose-stepping nutter.


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  1. “I tells you….” too much time spent in ponty……..

    Posted by Lorna | June 15, 2006, 11:15 pm

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