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52 weeks, 52 books

15 down, 37 to go

Library sales are a good thing. A very good thing. A week or so ago, for instance, I picked up a copy of Borges’ ‘The Book of Sand’ and Paul Auster’s ‘The Red Notebook’ for 50p the pair. A bit of a bargain, and so, Auster’s book is the 15th read this year. Followed by a Baudrillard this weekend, but I’ll blog that later in the week.
The Red Notebook
The edition of The Red Notebook that I have in front of me contains a number of things besides the title story, and not knowing whether other editions are identical, I’m going to comment on the faber 1996 copy. It’s about literature, and the need to create literature, and expecially what drives Auster to continue to write. Coincidences, patterns in his life, motivations that are personal and sometimes universal, the nearly impossible saving of his 3 year old daughter, and the death of a child in front of his eyes when he was 14. And this sentence, that almost finishes the volume:

If nothing else, the years have taught me this: if there’s a pencil in your pocket, there’s a good chance that one day you’ll feel tempted to start using it.

Good advice.


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