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on juggling as a fine art

Rolling around my mind over the last few weeks has been the frankly ridiculous notion of starting another big project. Not just a project, but a big project. One that’ll last at least a year, and take me through to next July, when, oddly enough, the PhD will be done.

If I had any sense, I hear you cry, I’d wait until one thing was out of the way before I started another one. And you’re probably right.

But I get bored easily. Really easily. Some friends of mine would put that down to classical Gemini behaviour, and they might well be right, but it’s more than due to what day of the year I was born on. My old PhD supervisor used to say that she always gave a job to someone who was already busy, as it guaranteed it’d get done faster. I’m not sure if that’s

shit. Channel 4 just ran an ad for the Hanso Foundation. Wow. Interactive TV. And interactive blogging.

back in a moment.


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