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on memory

Went to the Watershed last night and saw the preview of ‘Unknown White Male’. And was rather impressed. Deliberately didn’t read up on anything about the piece beforehand, although the James Frey-related controversy regarding it’s ‘authenticity’ hadn’t escaped my notice. And it’s a beautiful piece of documentary film-making. Without falling into the trap of being maudlin, it traces the story of an New York ex-stockbroker (and in my opinion, unlikeable rich-kid), and what happened to him after he woke up on the subway in Coney Island one morning with no memory of who he was. The film covers his dealing with that, the nature of who we are, and how much of that identity is based on the relationships in our lives, and the people around us, and tellingly – what we might do if that memory slate was ever wiped clean.

Recommended – it’s only on in Bristol on the 23rd and 24th of April though. Elsewhere in the country – here’s the website.

And now to buy a new shirt. Might even surprise people and get one that isn’t black.


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