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First of all, Heidi MacDonald’s extended interview with Alan Moore is here, and here (for part 2). A lot of expected discussion of Alan’s relationship (well, it’s a relationship in much the same way as a divorced couple have a ‘relationship’ in linguistic terms only) with DC and the film industry in general. Go and read, then come back here.

Second – Bill Thompson discusses copyright in New Media on the BBC site. And makes some points more clearly than I have in the past, although he stops short of pointing the finger at his employers for still being part of the problem as much as they’re trying to find a way to the solution. The points he raises about the music industry’s response to file sharing are apposite:

“This is not about enhancing the customer experience but locking down content. It is about ensuring that the “new generation of media consumers” Murdoch is referring to do not get the content they want, how they want it or when they want it.”

Which is the situation we’re in. All of the intelligent responses to the issue have either come from technology companies, or from a cultural response to the landscape (the ecology, as John McNaughton suggested a week or so ago) by citizen users and journalists. I’d not go so far as to say that it’s a war, but it’s certainly a response to a state of centrally administered control. Which brings us back to Alan Moore.

And Bruno Schultz is now a meme in my life. Three separate mentions in a day. The last from Jonathan Carroll. I’d better go and re-read The Street of Crocodiles.


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