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not quite the centre of the universe then

But still pretty close. MirrorMask gets a semi-general release from March 3rd, which seems to mean that any cinema with an interest in showing it has picked it up – there’s a list on the back page of today’s Observer which includes the Watershed – and Dave is doing a Q&A after screenings in London, Manchester and Brighton. And, last night in Bristol. So we’re sort of the centre of the universe.

The film looked, as expected, like a piece of McKean artwork transferred to film, and while I actually prefer the stripped-back look of ‘The Week Before’ and ‘Neon’, is sumptuous. Those short films will be, Dave assured the audience, out in the summer on DVD, which for my money is an event worth looking forward to.

And it occurred to me in a detached manner that the scene between Rob Brydon and Stephanie Leonidas on the rooftop in Brighton is going to be shown to a couple of students in the next few weeks as an example of why you shoot a scene twice from different angles…

Elsewhere, memes suggest themselves. After mention of the validity of Dave Sim’s views a couple of days ago, this seems necessary. Debate should be open and both sides ought to be able to present their viewpoint. Socrates said ‘the unexamined life is not worth living’, and he was right. Immediately bowing to the most strident voice is neither healthy or intelligent.


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