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some things you wait for

I don’t believe in fate. I’ve got a healthy respect for karma, but only because I don’t want to believe I’ve brought anything on myself, but this week I did give some serious thought to the choices we make, consciously and unconsciously. And it started, as these things do, with a book. 
I replaced my copy [...]

it has been a week

well, obviously it has, but this one more than others. At least tonight I get to stop, turn all the phones off, and not email anyone about anything whatsoever.
In the midst of chaos, I have been reading ‘The Secret Life of Puppets‘, which ought to be recommended to anyone in the modern media as a [...]

being a series of thoughts on muses, and other stories

It’s Saturday afternoon, and I’m sat by a pile of essays that need to be marked, and while I’m waiting for my coffee to brew (is that what it does in a cafetière?) I thought I’d expound a bit. Namely, thoughts arising from this week’s song of the week. Which is, as you might have [...]


Serious one for a change. NATFHE have called a strike for next Tuesday, which I’m in two minds about. I’m not a member of the union, for several reasons (one certainly being I wasn’t told about it, and when I did find it, as an hourly paid Visiting Lecturer I’d not seen any benefit from [...]

not quite the centre of the universe then

But still pretty close. MirrorMask gets a semi-general release from March 3rd, which seems to mean that any cinema with an interest in showing it has picked it up – there’s a list on the back page of today’s Observer which includes the Watershed – and Dave is doing a Q&A after screenings in London, [...]

I predict a riot…

In the wake of the freshly announced ban on smoking in all places that aren’t an aviary in Clacton-Upon-Sea, I predict a spate of ‘Prison Break’ style bank hold ups, petty robberies with fingerprints clumsily left behind, and, dare I say it, smoking in pubs, just in order to be sent somewhere where it’s still [...]

never to be told

Went outside for a cigarette a few minutes ago, and cast my eye skywards. Now, I see one frequently, a pair quite often, and occasionally three. But seven. Not that I can remember.
Wonder what this forbodes? If I come into possession of an earth shattering secret in the next few days, I’ll make sure no-one [...]

thankfully, some sense

For the easily shocked among you, steady yourselves and make sure you’re sitting comfortably, because I’m going to write about new media again. For the second time in two weeks. I’m as startled as you are, I can assure you.
Through the mist of a freezing (in a good way) November morning, comes this editorial piece [...]


This weekend I have learned (read – taught myself through experience) that part of life is finding the smaller victories amongst the debris of the larger battles.

My Dave Sim Moment

I’ve had Jonathan Carroll moments, now I’ve had a Dave Sim moment. Dave Sim, for those of you out there who don’t know, is the author and illustrator of the longest self-published comic in history. Cerebus the Aardvark finished, as it’s creator said it would, on 300 issues. From 1978 to 2004. All without the [...]