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From Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s ‘From Hell’. Epilogue II. ‘Dance of the Gull Catchers’.
“This is harder than it looks. They all take a swing at it. Some even think they’ve bagged it, but the net, on examination, turns out empty.”
“the greater part of any murder is the field of theory, fascination and hysteria that [...]

The time, it is a’changing

A thought here, and it might be a little rambling, so bear with me.
Are a smoker’s social skills different? I don’t just mean that we smell of smoke and indulge in a disgusting habit (which, clearly we do, but it’s our habit, so any comments about the wisdom of smoking will be deleted. You’ve been [...]

23 down, 29 to go

Rob Bryanton’s ‘Imagining the Tenth Dimension’.

Hmn. It’s a good thing that the library tag for this book is both science and philosophy, as it’s the latter that is the stronger content within Bryanton’s writing. He acknowledges that his approach differs from most physicists and cosmologists early in the book, and honestly, once that issue is [...]

chicken and causality

Sunday afternoon, and while a chicken is happily bubbling away on the stove, surrounded by lemon, tomatoes, onions and herbs, here’s something to think about.
I’ve rambled on about dimensional physics before now – it’s a subject that I ostensibly know absolutely nothing about, having not studied physics beyond O-level at school, and only taking a [...]

That is not dead which can eternal lie

Wow. This in from the St Petersburg Times. Following the American lead of denouncing cross-species cloning earlier this year, now President Putin is addressing the age-old concern about the Old Ones rising from beneath the ocean.

“he said that he believed something more serious was behind the question.”
I’ll bet he did – and let me tell you [...]

Stand up and be counted

This may be a little strident, but I blogged about a year ago about things I believed in, and this morning there’s another issue to take notice of. I’ve talked about this before, and maybe dressed it up in academic language about the role of nationalistic institutions and the nature of new media, but Amnesty [...]

on birthdays

I feel like I ought to write something deeply personal, or philosophical, about reaching 37 (one more year, I seem to recall, and I’d have to go and watch whales in Patagonia on my birthday), but I really have nothing to say about the whole experience. It seems to have been going on for a [...]


I’m now 37. More later.

16 down, 36 to go

And I’m slowly catching up with my own deadlines on this one, as there are a few read books still to blog. For now though:

Hol has been know to accuse me of, I quote; “Frequently Complicated Musings’ and while I’d have a hard time refuting that, I’m not worthy to muse in the presence of [...]

vegetable based economy in crisis

Was woken this morning to the news that mangoes on Inverness Street market were three for a pound*, and now, after several hours of intense trading, the price has dropped to four for the same currency. Economic meltdown is inevitable, everyone. They’ll be giving them away for free by Tuesday, you mark my words.
* [...]