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The Laws of being Tom

No. 31. The day prior to the sabbath is reserved for reading the Guardian and drinking coffee. Necessary activities such as house-hunting, setting up joint accounts and other essential administration are permitted, but only after the reading and coffee-drinking rituals have been properly observed. Going into work for the purpose of interviewing prospective students falls [...]

Monday. Working. Can’t stop. Assessments.

This is, I accept, rather lazy blogging, but as a change from writing about illustration and the potential of book cover art, I’ll quote from Charlie Brooker in this morning’s Guardian:
“I don’t understand the stock market, because it’s so boring my brain refuses to get to grips with it. Say the word “economics” and I [...]

Bits on literature

I read something today in which Christopher Hitchens was described as ’street’. Well, in context, more ’street’ than Richard Dawkins. It’s a funny old world I live in.
Elsewhere, Warren Ellis manages to provide me with as good a definition of ‘disingenuous’ as I’ve heard in ages. While calling for comics criticism to be written ‘with [...]

the internets were broken, honest

So, almost two weeks and not a peep out of me. Not that anyone emailed to protest, or barricaded themselves to parliament to raise the issue in either the upper or lower houses. All I got was a desultory sneer from a colleague in the pub last night at the mere mention of my lack [...]

a brief rant and some debate

Thankfully this is filed in the Telegraph under ‘opinion’, or it might suggest that the rampant right-wing press is back to stay. Gerald Kaufman’s piece is, as Mark Kermode suggested on Friday, entirely fatuous. To suggest that ‘The most chilling aspect of the Virginia Tech massacre is that its perpetrator, Cho Heung-sui, a South Korean, [...]

No, I really must find something to do…

Or you’re going to be reading much more of this.
I tuned in to the latest installment of Points West’s public address on our readiness for the inevitable Flu Pandemic this evening, and whilst finding out that our local schools are also woefully unprepared for the arrival on these fair shores of a killer virus of [...]

“Dick Laurent is dead.” parts 10 and 11 of 21.

Yesterday was a lousy day for writing. No-one’s fault really, but real life got in the way a little too much to get anything meaningful done, hence no post…
Over in the blogosphere, Eddie Campbell did have something to say about the Observer’s shaky attempt to define a graphic novel, and Mike Harrison observes what’s wrong [...]

“let’s blow this thing and go home”. part 1 of 21.

Two old notes, but good ones. And as I’m on the home straight now, you might start seeing me post a little more often in the next three weeks (that’s 21 days to go).
The first, I think I got via Jonathan Carroll.
Raymond Chandler, in a letter to Frederick Lewis Allen (editor of Harper’s Magazine) 7th [...]

No, as far as I know, there aren’t

Today has been spent playing. Which is, as any designer or writer will tell you, the best part of this job. Just playing, ordering things and seeing if they work, then starting again and putting them together in a new pattern, all with an eye on the larger prize.
Fun. And I’m surrounded by books and [...]

New Knowledge

What I have learned this week…
Drivers in France don’t like stopping at the French equivalent of Zebra Crossings. We got across the road just fine, but the driver two cars back has an insurance claim form to fill out.
If you’re a dodgy, well-connected relative of Jack Bauer, then for goodness sake don’t keep plastic bags [...]