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Monday thoughts

I cannot help but think that Iain Sinclair is spending this week trying not to write an extra chapter for the paperback edition of Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire.
Robin Whitehead, who was found dead in a Doherty-infested flat in Hackney, might on the one hand be the latest victim of the creeping menace that is the [...]

Looking back at the road

“The dozen or so greatest songs from the later career of Bob Dylan comprise — in their surreal, profoundly-worn desertedness — a visceral mapping of the gut dislocation that marks Aftermath.”
“At the very heart of the moment of Aftermath lies an awareness that the story is done. This moment.. ..prefigures a world incapable of change, a [...]

This week’s sponsor is…

More from N Katherine Hayles. By god, that woman’s haunting me this week. Today’s paper comes via a google search for information relating to House Of Leaves and the phrase “… and pieces”. Speaking purely as an observer of things coincidental and synergistic, I can only say ‘go figure’. Hayles is good, though. Her discourse [...]

of Clockwork Men

Waterloo Bridge. London. November 1995.
A man has just fallen from the parapet of the bridge into the Thames below. His name is Matthew Ogilvy, and he has come to believe that there is something dreadfully wrong with his life, and the only way he can correct it is to die.
He might be right.
‘of Clockwork Men’ [...]

Don’t turn to the end

Can hypermedia prevent the reader – in whatever form – from committing that most unholy of offenses and flicking to the end of the book?
Not a thought that occurs to me very often, but today, for a variety of reasons, I’m pondering it. There are a number of things that are, or can be, [...]

The voices in my head

It has just been suggested that I have a Pullman-esque Daemon in my office.

No, really. A Daemon.
Well. I thought. Well. I always thought it was an assemblage of wire, paper, clockwork and paint. But. A Daemon.
Wikipedia runs through the usual connections with Pullman, and goes on to namecheck a book I’ve not read:
In his book [...]

International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day

In light of the recent proclamation by Dr Howard V Hendrix, that anyone posting content on the internet for free were no better than scabs, categorised as:
“someone who works for less than union wages or on non-union terms; more broadly, a scab is someone who feathers his own nest and advances his own career by [...]


no blogging for a few days, as I’m in London at the weekend, then back here on Sunday evening (how can we tell there’s no blogging, you slacker, I hear you ask – well, at least I won’t feel guilty about it now I’ve apologised in advance). Have spent the week so far herding cats, [...]

ladies and gentlemen

we have a Lost ARG.
Anyway, where was I? Yep, got it. I’m not sure if that’s always true, but in my case it usually was. And having spent the last few weeks juggling several sets of balls, oddly shaped sticks and little bags of beans in the air I feel as if I need [...]

on juggling as a fine art

Rolling around my mind over the last few weeks has been the frankly ridiculous notion of starting another big project. Not just a project, but a big project. One that’ll last at least a year, and take me through to next July, when, oddly enough, the PhD will be done.
If I had any sense, [...]