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Catching up before I go away again

Okay where was I…? Right, that’s it, heading to London or something, or maybe I was starting to address the amendments, or making a cup of tea, or some dinner, perhaps I was feeding the cat. Nope, that’s right, don’t have a cat these days. Wonder how the little fat mewbox is?
Anyway, the amendments went [...]

tricks of the light

Been responding to emails that arrived while I was away for a couple of days, and planning for next week, so little of interest.
However, because it’s Friday and you all deserve a treat, here’s a photo of Hawksmoor’s Christchurch. Described by Pierre de la Ruffinière Du Prey as “a miracle of stacking: from the paganism [...]

Rites of Passage

Well, that was fun. In a brutal, Vic and Bob themed smacked about the head with a fake frying pan sort of way.
The short answer is that I passed and am now a Doctor. A longer answer is that I have minor amendments to make (four paragraphs to add, a few words to change (probably [...]


Haven’t posted for a week or so, not because I’ve got nothing to say, rather the impending pressure of a viva is making anything I say rather secondary to what I read and make notes on.
It’s tomorrow, at 2pm. I might post a report on the results over the weekend, dependent on how well it [...]

Pointless Dr Who link

Today brought the end of five years of research and a year or two of writing. Finally. Don’t know how I feel about it, other than a mixture of relief and pride. It doesn’t look like much at present, just a CD with “final – for print” scribbled on it. I’ll change my mind when [...]

back soon. more later

Am still alive, after a week that saw me giving a talk in London the evening after defending my thesis (thankfully, only the mock defence, the real one’s still to come), then running around all over Bristol for a few days. I’m chained to a keyboard dealing with amendments to the final final final draft, [...]

The Giant Space Beetles are coming!

In a stroke of well-intentioned genius, the local news slot on the BBC are running a series of special features all this week on how the West is unprepared for an outbreak of Pandemic Flu. We are informed, in breathless, awed tones that the government are predicting a 3 in 6 chance of an outbreak [...]

“I’ll be back; don’t you forget that.” parts 19, 20 and 21 of 21.

It’s done. Over. Finito. Completed. And here’s the proof:

There, four copies, just under 300 pages, a little over 70,000 words (I’d miscounted earlier and so lost about 900 words, but found some more to take their place).
So, I actually finished on Friday, then took the weekend off. Although ‘took the weekend off’ wasn’t originally supposed [...]

“Keep watching the skies.” part 18 of 21.

Would say more, but have been printing all afternoon (and I can bear out the myth that precisely at the point that you need it, your toner cartridge will give out, necessitating a run to Cartridge World for a green, properly recyclyed, replacement. Thankfully my local branch is 8 minutes away) and typing the last [...]

“I used to hate the water.” part 17 of 21.

It’s late, and I’ve been writing all day. Chapter 12 (you didn’t even know there was a Chapter 12, did you? Neither did I, until this afternoon) is finished, which notches up 3000 words today, and the total sits at just over 70,000.
Time to hit the sofa. You can have the last paragraph of the [...]