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Hats, Robes and Certification

Short answer: I graduated. Lots of drinking, lots of wearing a silly hat and robes (I’m not going to switch to dressing in silver and red anytime soon) and getting rained on between the Cathedral and the Marquee.
Long answer. I’m writing a paper following up my PhD, and positioning Interactive Narrative in terms of what [...]

Tea and no Sushi whatsoever

Well. Tradition dictates that Adventures should be spoken of in hushed whispers, and withe due deference to matters of international security, but it’s me, and although I signed the Act a number of years ago, it doesn’t apply to everything I do.
So. Yesterday began very early in the morning, after I’d agreed to be a [...]

Todorov and Equipoise

Right. Had lunch, and no thefts from students today, although I’ve reasoned that boiled potatoes are less likely to be lifted from my plate. If only because they’re smothered in leek and cream sauce.
You all really wanted to know the details of my dinner, didn’t you?
And to this. Which is, I promise, the final time [...]

Dammit, forgot to put a title again

I’m drafting a follow-up piece to the ‘Advice for PhD students” post from a year or so ago, although what ought to go at the top is something about it never being over until it’s over. Reading through the final copy again, you’re bound to spot an instance where two writers’ first names have mysteriously [...]

all over, bar the shouting

Right. I’m quoting from the email I got earlier today:
“Dear Tom,
I have returned the form confirming that the requested amendments have been made. There are a couple of ‘typos’ in these amendments that you may wish to correct Tom. As follows:
P.119. You write ‘Where . . . ‘, when I think you mean , ‘Were [...]

waving goodbye

Yes, as Stephen Fry might have said, I am a sentimental old booby. I have just said goodbye to an old friend. We’d been mates for eight years, during which time we’d shared music, media, photographs and writing. We worked my way through my Master’s degree, and started to research my PhD together until I [...]

On Neotericity

I feel I should offer some words of explanation. No, that’s wrong.
I believe I should offer some words of explanation.
Some of you out there have (however well meaningly and lightheartedly) observed that my use of ‘neoteric‘ positions my writing as deliberately highfalutin’, or just plain obscure, and I want to briefly, although seriously, address that.
I [...]


As hinted at late last week, I’m running full pelt at work this week, having finally settled on a new look for the blog. First out of the gate is a lecture based around Gibson’s The Agrippa Files. This doesn’t get a lot of press (alongside my other favourite piece of new media, Chris Marker’s [...]

This has been a public service annoucement

In this age of instant celebrity and dubious qualifications (see post from a few days ago), I’d like to extend my very best wishes to Brian May as he prepares to defend his PhD; “Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud” at the end of August. Despite not having listened to any Queen for a [...]

My what needs a what now?

Now hold on. No, really, hold on. While Hol was having a rant about the difference between books for children and for adults (actually, he was having a rant about the reading habits of people who sit on trains with Harry Potter books, but I digress), I was letting a perfidious liar into my life.
I [...]