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If I ever attempted another PhD..

It would be on a variation of this subject:

With many thanks to Tim Wright.

Ask a difficult question

Is it me.. (see how easily I turn this blog into a cheap Terry Wogan reference)
Or amongst the collective hypocrisy, confusion and general conflating of forty or fifty years of first, second and third wave feminism that followed the unveiling of Dr. Brooke Magnanti’s other life as Belle De Jour, nobody has dwelt on what [...]

Strangely schizoid funding processes

The last time I wrote in this blog, I was contemplating bidding for external funding. I was invited into some early discussions, with the proviso that the deadline was extremely tight, but that such a short run-up did mean that the competitive conditions might be favourable, so to speak.
So far, so good. Or, as Dr [...]

While working on second drafts

I really ought to put essays up on this site as they’re being written and rewritten. Actually, that’s the proposed function of another site I’m involved in, but more on that in the New Year.
For now, here’s a paragraph from the end of the revised paper. William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition as an example of ARG/Non-ARG [...]

I’m working. Really. Been working all afternoon.

You see, the trouble with writing something quite as cunning as:
“Nicholls suggests a number of examples to illustrate his definition, among them John Fowles’ The Magus. Despite not situated within an SF context, Fowles’ text is structurally a series of narrative breakthroughs, each new truth seen in turn to be an inadequate explanation for the [...]

The joys of circular thunking

Sometimes, it’s nice when a point makes itself. At least, I think this one does. I’ll look at it again tomorrow, and make sure my logic doesn’t fall apart…
“As noted above, The Lost Experience (as the Lost ARG came to be called), differs from traditional ‘pure’ form ARGs in that it is tied explicitly into [...]

Shortly Leaving London

Some problems are now solved, some new ones have arisen from out of the ashes, and while today has been largely spent observing penance (never, never, try to get Norton off a PC. You’ll be there picking at it like a month-old scab into the third hour of removal. Or if you have no choice, [...]

Not merely good, but..

It is well known that I rarely blow my own trumpet, in fact it’s seldom that anyone notices I have a trumpet in the first place (that’s not a euphemism, by the way, it’s a Blackadder joke). In this case, however, I feel justified.
A week or two ago, HM Government published ‘Creative Britain: New Talents [...]

Form & Content

Baldur linked to a summary of what’s wrong with hypertext fiction. And I find myself agreeing with an awful lot of what Ben Vershbow has to say:
“It’s always felt to me like a too-literal reenactment of Jorge Luis Borges’ explosion of narrative in The Garden of Forking Paths.I’ve always found it odd how people (techies [...]

Oh, Priceless.

Thanks to the BBC. From the Irish International “University”’s section on Degree Validation:
“The Irish International University operates dual system where it awards and validates certificates based on the mode of collaborative partnership agreement with the various partner institutions. The awards are granted on the footage of programmes delivered by partner institutions. The scheme of programmes [...]