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The sound of my voice. And his.

I hate the sound of my own voice.
Actually, I’m not sure I completely do anymore, but I really used to.
My mother wanted to me to speak properly (she wanted me to sing too, but that’s never going to happen) and so I had lessons in speaking when I was little. Or I only think I [...]

This is Not a Book. Finally.

Craig Mod wrote in 2011 that ‘the essence of digital’s effect on publishing requires a subtle shift towards the query: “How does digital change books?”’. Mod’s essay: ‘Post Artifact Books & Publishing’ examines how to address that question in light of the potential of non-analogue (to be as inclusive as possible) systems to impact the [...]

Mapping the landscape

Baldur Bjarnason and I are writing a book. It’s about books, electronic textuality and materiality and is a manifesto of sorts. I suggested a few weeks ago that we might blog sections of it while we go, partly to make public some of our thoughts, but also as a declaration of intent. The book (it’s draft title [...]


Today, something from our sponsors (well, me):
“In 1996, David Jay Bolter and Robert Grusin identified the remediation of content as a defining characteristic of new media. Despite their avowing not to make predictions as to the future of new media, their identifiable marker for the future of the medium was that “any future media will [...]

Is that ten weeks, or seventy days?

More bookwork (is bookwork a word? Wonders briefly, and then decides that life is too short to work out whether or not I’m using the Queen’s English in a blog post) today, and an afternoon spent going through 2nd year Visual Culture essay proposals. Why they figure they can miss every single seminar session and [...]

Full Circle

I’ll wait for the replies to come in from the Brunel devotees before declaring you’re all alive, but it did strike me I ought to post something at least resembling research content. Especially as this gets described as a research blog from time to time. So, here’s what I’ve been working on today:
This book sets [...]