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Saturday thought

We should miss Hunter Thompson more. That’s all.
This thought prompted by an interview with Ralph Steadman in the Guardian this morning.

Some More Going Away-ness

I’m sure I’ve blogged book covers before, but this one’s a gem.

The cover of The Gone-Away World looks like a good photoshop job, but investigating (well, following a couple of links) further, the creative process appears to have involved sawing up a collection of Mark Twain’s letters. That’s dedication in the graphic arts.
The rest of [...]

Catching Up

I’m sure I was doing something interesting, and blog-worthy, but I can’t recall what it was right at the moment. But, it might have been house purchase related, or birthday celebrations, or a Secret Project that I’ve forbidden myself from talking about. Or a book proposal, a slew of marking and second marking that has [...]

This week’s sponsor is…

More from N Katherine Hayles. By god, that woman’s haunting me this week. Today’s paper comes via a google search for information relating to House Of Leaves and the phrase “… and pieces”. Speaking purely as an observer of things coincidental and synergistic, I can only say ‘go figure’. Hayles is good, though. Her discourse [...]

Sketchbooks ARE Arguments

Going to be a short post today, as I’m heading off shortly to the launch of what was once described (elsewhere on the internet) as a ‘crappy f*cking comic‘ (I think it goes without saying that I’m not about to dignify that particular comment with a link, or a remark (I also note that that [...]

David Cronenberg, motifs and alternate presents

Today I am mostly dealing with piles of what could generously be called administration. I am also playing Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s I See a Darkness in the office, as the boss is out being psychometrically examined. She’ll be back later on, no doubt a new person with a renewed sense of purpose and management techniques. [...]


And, I’m back (he says, before anyone notices that he’s been away).
I’d like to say it’s been astoundingly productive, but in fact its been all about assessment and cross marking projects. Which is productive, but not really so in any way that’s liable to inspire a blog post or three. Still, give it a week [...]

Things, and other things

A piece courtesy of Dr Bjarnason about the manner by which designers describe themselves and their work. It’s interesting, but a little misleading when it equates designers (and I’m including filmmakers, advertisers etc) with other professionally qualified occupations:
As Clement Mok observed in 2003, designers are the only professionals who describe their work in media-specific terms. [...]

it’s been a week for apologies…

First I had to apologise to Vibeke for not noticing her haircut (although I maintain that having your fringe cut and your hair layered isn’t really, strictly, a haircut), and now this.
“Ministers have bowed to pressure to allow the creation of human animal hybrid embryos for research”
A fair while ago, I suggested that the present [...]

more fonty nonsense at the end

This is all too easy. Doug Morris, the CEO of Universal Music (see my post below on the wisdom of playing silly buggers with the new media market) has done it again. Referring to the iPod, and thusly the Zune:
“These devices are just repositories for stolen music, and they all know it,” UMG chairman/CEO Doug [...]