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Right of Reply

To Baldur’s post in Lessons in Interactivity.
A quick, Friday morning response:
I certainly said that (and I’ve said as such before) and Baldur’s use of those words are nicely dovetailed into the McLuhan quote, which¬†certainly¬†shows he was paying close attention. Form invokes content; books are books, and apps are not books. TouchPress’ Wasteland, for example (it’s [...]

Just to be completist about these things, here are the website links to each of the sections of anovelexperiment:
Although I’m putting these up here in order, it actually helps if you read them in reverse (tertiary – secondary – primary). If you’re completely new to the project, then clicking on bees/keys/clockwork brings up a new [...]

A few weeks (I think, probably less) I wrote about indigenous peoples and their beliefs. I was flippant, without being dismissive, and thought about the subject for a few days before filing the theme to be retrieved at some later point.
Witchdoctors in Tanzania are killing albinos.
“They are being killed because local witchdoctors say their body [...]


Is the neverending story of gameplay v narrative over? Not without an appreciation of the materiality of the playing experience, it isn’t. And what Keith Stuart misses (in an otherwise concise round up of theoretical perspectives) is that there’s something about the reading experience that isn’t accommodated in the current popular critical field)

From PM’s Question Time

“Mr Cameron said it was “pathetic” for Mr Brown to read out quotes from novelists”. Which novelists?! I accept that quoting Frederick Forsyth might be pathetic, but what if Brown starts quoting Balzac, Proust or Eco? Where will Mr Cameron’s much-lauded derision of the written word be then, I wonder?

Katherine Hayles suggests that House of Leaves attempts to ‘eat all other media’. What’s the consequence, then, of a work that attempts to regurgitate the media it’s absorbed?


Now the time has come to propose, or confront, a fundamental truth: like the being who wears it, the superhero costume is, by definition, an impossible object. It cannot exist. Link.