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of Clockwork Men

Waterloo Bridge. London. November 1995.
A man has just fallen from the parapet of the bridge into the Thames below. His name is Matthew Ogilvy, and he has come to believe that there is something dreadfully wrong with his life, and the only way he can correct it is to die.
He might be right.
‘of Clockwork Men’ [...]

On Neotericity

I feel I should offer some words of explanation. No, that’s wrong.
I believe I should offer some words of explanation.
Some of you out there have (however well meaningly and lightheartedly) observed that my use of ‘neoteric‘ positions my writing as deliberately highfalutin’, or just plain obscure, and I want to briefly, although seriously, address that.
I [...]

International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day

In light of the recent proclamation by Dr Howard V Hendrix, that anyone posting content on the internet for free were no better than scabs, categorised as:
“someone who works for less than union wages or on non-union terms; more broadly, a scab is someone who feathers his own nest and advances his own career by [...]