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22 down, 30 to go

I’ve been reading this on and off for a while now, but as I’m putting it back on the shelf in a fit of tidying up, it can be blogged here. John Clute’s ‘Scores’.

There are, in the world, good reviewers, mediocre reviewers, bad reviewers, half-hearted reviewers. We can all think of examples of any of [...]

21 down, 31 to go

Kazuo Ishiguro’s ‘An Artist of the Floating World’.

As I may have mentioned, I started reading this partly because of it being the inspiration behind Tomato’s next book, but also because I’d read ‘Never Let Me Go’ earlier in the year, and the thought of revisiting an earlier work by the same author was interesting.
It doesn’t disappoint. Not for a [...]

more text

But I’m going to say nice things (with one minor exception), so no harm done. Quindlen, who is a journalist for the New York Times and Newsweek, has a great deal of affection for London, and it shines through here. She traces a number of routes through the city, and informs and educates in a way [...]

the text…

Anna Quindlen’s ‘Imagined London’. With much thanks to Si, who bought me this for my birthday. So now I’m obliged to say things about it, which is, I suppose, the risk people run when they buy me books.
There is another paragraph to go here. But, try as I might, I can’t get Wordpress to accept [...]

20 down, 32 to go

18 & 19 down, 33 to go

I’ve been meaning to post the Pale Fire notes for a while, but keep forgetting to do it, and as I read the Will Self book yesterday, they get posted at the same time and I get both out of the way at once.

Pale Fire first then. I read Lolita a long time ago, and [...]

17 down, 35 to go

There are some books that you read because they’re like really a night out in your favourite restaurant (I have a copy of Ishiguro’s ‘An Artist of the Floating World’ beside me right now, which is a near to expensive sushi as I can imagine), and some that are well prepared home cooking (anything by [...]

16 down, 36 to go

And I’m slowly catching up with my own deadlines on this one, as there are a few read books still to blog. For now though:

Hol has been know to accuse me of, I quote; “Frequently Complicated Musings’ and while I’d have a hard time refuting that, I’m not worthy to muse in the presence of [...]

15 down, 37 to go

Library sales are a good thing. A very good thing. A week or so ago, for instance, I picked up a copy of Borges’ ‘The Book of Sand’ and Paul Auster’s ‘The Red Notebook’ for 50p the pair. A bit of a bargain, and so, Auster’s book is the 15th read this year. Followed by [...]

14 down, 38 to go

I actually read this a week or so ago, but as the last few days have been taken up with things other than reading books, Polder gets it’s moment of recognition a little late.

Two definitions first of all. A festschrift is defined as “a book honouring a respected academic“, and a Polder as “An enclave [...]