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Auld Lang Syne

Okay. So I got completely turned around, pushed into a variety of corners, deadlines, writing and marking and PhDing (which is now a verb, so there), and the whole 52 weeks project got put to one side toward the end of the year. I did carry on reading, I just didn’t get around to writing [...]

28 down, 24 to go

I mentioned this at the weekend, but as I spent most of the afternoon ploughing through it with a pencil and a pack of post-it notes, it’s included in the list for the year (and I haven’t mentioned ‘The Homecoming’ yet, which is the next one to be reviewed).
The Darkening Garden. A Short Lexicon of [...]

27 down, 25 to go

This isn’t really a book, but it does have words in, and I spent a good hour with it today, so as far as I’m concerned, it counts.. (as does the other volume that arrived this morning, which I’ll talk about later this week).
There simply aren’t enough volumes of Dave McKean’s work available. That said, [...]

Closing Tabs, and Postmodern Misunderstandings

Right, it’s Saturday, and while I’m pottering around catching up on correspondence, here are some things that I’ve had open and have been meaning to post about. It’s a very Neil-ish thing to do, I know, but I’m pressed for time, so here goes:
This piece on Universal’s attitude towards MySpace and YouTube. It almost begs [...]

Modernist Literature

okay, people are starting to write about it, and it’s one of my 52 for the year, so my first thoughts on “Only Revolutions”….
I appreciate that a number of the 200 or so of you that apparently read the things I write here might not be familiar with Mark Z Danielewski, so for however many [...]

26 down, 26 to go

I hadn’t expected to be reading any more new media texts until the end of September, but while finalising the research for the latter chapters, I came across Nick Montfort’s ‘Twisty Little Passages’.

This is problematic, though. If I start including new material in the draft I’m writing, I’ll be here until christmas, on the other [...]

I know when I’m beaten

Okay, I got halfway through the total, but I think it’s time for me to give up gracefully. I mean, I’m only writing up a doctoral thesis, lecturing and doing a bit of design here and there, and I’ve read a paltry 25 books. Yep, if that’s all I can manage, then I’m a miserable [...]

25 down, 27 to go

I honestly have no idea who bought me this, but it was a year or so ago, and so my apologies for not having gotten around to reading it before now. It’s actually been a diversion from re-reading blocks of text that relate directly to each chapter of the PhD, which, while interesting, gets a [...]

24 down, 28 to go

Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s ‘A Disease of Language’.

It’s not often that something comes  along that competely changes my perception of what a medium can do, but this is one of those ocassions. Before I read the two pieces in this volume (admittedly in their original, comics format rather than the collected version here), my [...]

23 down, 29 to go

Rob Bryanton’s ‘Imagining the Tenth Dimension’.

Hmn. It’s a good thing that the library tag for this book is both science and philosophy, as it’s the latter that is the stronger content within Bryanton’s writing. He acknowledges that his approach differs from most physicists and cosmologists early in the book, and honestly, once that issue is [...]