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Short but relevant post

A quick post before I head to the station and to Cardiff.
Last week BBC Breakfast News ran an item on a plan by publishers to introduce age-banding of children’s books. In the Guardian this weekend, Philip Pullman wrote a spirited attack on the idea, and a website was set up, notoagebanding, attracting at the last [...]

Earthquake Disables Functions in MS Word

First of all, I should point out that I am very fond of my hometown. And when I saw the news yesterday, I was worried for friends and family (especially seeing as one of the above may have injured themselves falling out of bed in the earthquake. Oh, how we laughed) and made sure everyone [...]

Voices part 2

This isn’t so much a post, as an expression of interest in whether or not a blog posting widget inside a web browser can do a decent job of adding content to a wordpress blog. And it gives me an opportunity to tell the world about my discovery of this week.
Way back when, there [...]

No more summers at Marienbad

Alain Robbe-Grillet is dead.
While this is going to understandably mean nothing to most of my readers, I am, well, a little taken aback at the news. Robbe-Grillet was probably one of the titans of the Modernist novel, and a forerunner of narrative devices we (or at least me) now take for granted are part of [...]

David Cronenberg, motifs and alternate presents

Today I am mostly dealing with piles of what could generously be called administration. I am also playing Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s I See a Darkness in the office, as the boss is out being psychometrically examined. She’ll be back later on, no doubt a new person with a renewed sense of purpose and management techniques. [...]

Ahem (clears throat)…

Right. Enough is enough.
I’ve been labelled a ‘middle class wanker’ by virtue of my living in Southville and daring to have aspirations, a career, and want to go out in the evening and not be confronted by football-beshirted morons. I’ve read the diatribes about the City Council (most of which are undoubtedly true, but do [...]

Mini Gurr and Dziga Vertov

Oh, how the mighty are fallen. Today, I have mostly been writing a lecture in response to Lev Manovich’s ‘Vertov’s Dataset‘, and trying to leave as many questions unanswered as I provide solutions. Resisting the urge to yell “but he’s wrong, and here’s why” is proving difficult.
In other news, though, many many many congratulations to [...]

Tea and no Sushi whatsoever

Well. Tradition dictates that Adventures should be spoken of in hushed whispers, and withe due deference to matters of international security, but it’s me, and although I signed the Act a number of years ago, it doesn’t apply to everything I do.
So. Yesterday began very early in the morning, after I’d agreed to be a [...]

In praise of our times

In advance of Andrew Keen’s talk/rant at the Watershed tonight, here’s something from Chuck Palahniuk. He makes a convincing case for changing the world through story, for relating experiences and seizing the opportunity to disseminate those through new media, but he misses out language, which I think might be the most important aspect. Chuck’s point [...]

Sunday afternoon musings

There’s something in William Gibson’s observation that “What I grew up with as science fiction, is now a historical category. Previous practitioners, HP Lovecraft, say, or HG Wells, had these huge, leisurely “here and nows“ from which to contemplate what might happen. Wells knew exactly where he was and knew he was at the centre [...]