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Thoughts before the week ends

Thought for the day: All people in positions of authority are mildly paranoid.
Go on, discuss.
I mean, seriously, when was the last time any of you reading this had an idea that was taken up by their superiors without being co-opted in a distinctly paranoia-geared manner? Or responded to something in a ‘well, you’re gong to [...]

Posts that are cut short

Updates and reboots. Not a number, but a free man.
It’s probably pertinent, in my mind at least, that Wired is covering the remake of The Prisoner. While working my way through the original series for a paper I may write later this year, I’ve also managed to watch fifteen minutes of season 7 of 24. [...]

If it’s Friday morning, of course it’s time for the Old Ones

“Space is typically thought of as a very quiet place. But one team of astronomers has found a strange cosmic noise that booms six times louder than expected.
The roar is from the distant cosmos. Nobody knows what causes it.“
It’s Cthulhu. No, really. It is.
I mean:
“Because the radio waves come from far away, traveling at the [...]

Thoughts on Eleven

Because Georgie asked me what I thought about number 11.
Matt Smith, then. Some thoughts thereon.
He wouldn’t have been my first choice, although as I didn’t get to make a choice, then that’s a lousy way to start a response. He’s young, and evidenced by the facebook feeds of at least one random student of my [...]

I’m tired, this will make more sense tomorrow

One of the side effects (I’d call it a benefit, but I’m not convinced it is..) of being imprisoned in my own home is that I get to read the papers more carefully than I might otherwise do. On Sunday, for example, the Observer carried one piece backing up claims I make annually in a [...]

Olde time blood-letting…

Two things this morning. One (I can’t work out whether some of these are extremely racist, or just plain creepy): Halloween photos from days gone by. There’s an image for every day. Kind of like advent, but without the chocolates.

And the latest cash-in-on-dead-relative story (actually, I can’t remember the last cash-in-on-dead-relative link I posted here, [...]

Why Andy Crist won’t be in Liverpool this weekend

Obvious gag, but when I read this, I may have taken it slightly out of context…
“The Shadowserver Foundation, which tracks zombie numbers, said it had seen at least a threefold increase in the last three months.”
“The jump in individual zombie numbers is linked to a series of wide-spread attacks”
I’ll bet it is. That, and the [...]

Strategies for Going Away

Niall Harrison demonstrates why I should only ever write about science fiction in broad, general terms (as I’m about to do over the summer – more on this later in the week) and leave the details to others. Harrison’s grasp of the purpose of Nick Harkaway’s The Gone-Away World communicates almost (sorry Niall) perfectly the [...]

The BRoKen WoRLD

Just finished Tim Etchells’ The Broken World (am now resisting the temptation to write this blog entry in THE STYLE OF (CAPS LOCK) Etchells’ narrator, complete with digressions as to the state of my computer and the interleaving of different states of reality, but I’ll continue to resist. Honest).
Coming so soon after reading Nick Harkaway’s [...]

Zevonian, or not

Some Ballardian imagery, by way of BoingBoing.

Ballardian, like Borgesian, and Wellsian, ought to mean (as these photos demonstrate), as I understand the term: ‘to evoke the spirit of’. The photography above is reminiscent of a Ballard landscape writ large, hence the term.
Although via Mark Kermode (with reference to the ‘Journey to the Center of the [...]