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Sometimes you just know

I’m not setting out each day to write big sentences that impress me the moment my fingers stop typing, but now and again I hit a full stop and know that’s the Sentence for today..
“Bertolt Brecht maintained that the fallacy of Aristotelian poetics was that the audience was continually immersed in the narrative, and were [...]

The deviant inhabitants of Nottingham

No, really, they are. Every street crossing is raised a few inches above the level of the tarmac, leading to a proliferation of ‘Humped Zebra Crossing’ signs, alternated between ‘Humped Pelican Crossing’. It’s no wonder they haven’t got a zoo up there.
And because I’ve been writing all day, and my brain is fried, here’s another [...]

quickly, then, another one

While editing yesterday’s not-that-great summary of Structuralism, Post-Structuralism, Digital critical analysis and lots of Marshall McLuhan (well – it’s not great, but it’s not that bad either – that’s what comes of having to distill 120 years of literary criticism into 500 words) in chapter 4 comes this one..
“It is I would propose, precisely the [...]

Sentence of the Day

Inspired by Jane McGonigal’s blogging of her PhD, I’m insitigating a Sentence of the Day post. Maybe not every day, but as I’m back to writing this thing with a vengeance (especially today for some reason) then I’ll start now.
Today’s is from Chapter 3.
“Indeed, the temporality of psychogeographic poetry or the poetic form of such [...]