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While working on second drafts

I really ought to put essays up on this site as they’re being written and rewritten. Actually, that’s the proposed function of another site I’m involved in, but more on that in the New Year.
For now, here’s a paragraph from the end of the revised paper. William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition as an example of ARG/Non-ARG [...]

I’m working. Really. Been working all afternoon.

You see, the trouble with writing something quite as cunning as:
“Nicholls suggests a number of examples to illustrate his definition, among them John Fowles’ The Magus. Despite not situated within an SF context, Fowles’ text is structurally a series of narrative breakthroughs, each new truth seen in turn to be an inadequate explanation for the [...]

The joys of circular thunking

Sometimes, it’s nice when a point makes itself. At least, I think this one does. I’ll look at it again tomorrow, and make sure my logic doesn’t fall apart…
“As noted above, The Lost Experience (as the Lost ARG came to be called), differs from traditional ‘pure’ form ARGs in that it is tied explicitly into [...]

“I used to hate the water.” part 17 of 21.

It’s late, and I’ve been writing all day. Chapter 12 (you didn’t even know there was a Chapter 12, did you? Neither did I, until this afternoon) is finished, which notches up 3000 words today, and the total sits at just over 70,000.
Time to hit the sofa. You can have the last paragraph of the [...]

on Anti-Illusionism… and other barnyard poultry

Bit busy sorting out the chapter I was avoiding writing last night, so all I’ve got time for is a quick sentence of the day.
Well, I say quick. If Baldur’s reading this maybe he can tell me what I’m talking about, because I’m damned if I know.
“Pointing out that while being inherently anti-illusionist, new media [...]

We’re back, and it’s personal

Sentence of the day returns….
And let me assure you all, this is the only time I will write this sentence without inserting the words ’scumbag’, ‘liar’, ‘plagiarist’, ‘hack’ or ‘perjurer’.
“Free to place his alter ego at any event he so chooses, Sinclair draws on the repository of events and personalities that he had employed in [...]

Machiavellian what?

It’s been a while, and so without delay, lets get on with what everyone should have been reading this week.
Sorry – I’ve been teaching rather a lot lately, and the language does tend to seep into the brain somewhat. Hey ho.
Today marked the first bit of serious PhD writing for over 2 weeks. Not out [...]

More wordy nonsense

Been up to my neck in the history of consciousness and the development of our identities, so you’ll have to forgive me, but this is the best I could come up with today.
“Nelson’s proposition suggests another way of approaching the relationship between reader, author and text in new media literature. If a neoplatonic approach to [...]

Bricks and Mortar

One of those days that feels like I’ve been putting one thing after another, until a structure appears in front of me. It’s not a palace, but it’s better than a shed. Not uninspired writing, but nothing glamorous either.
One sentence stood out though:
Geoff Ryman’s criticism of modern society’s preoccupation with a “Neo Classicism” made manifest [...]

This’ll never happen again

There’s a quite wonderful device Alan Moore employs in the last chapter of ‘Voice of the Fire’, by which he tells a first-person narrative without recourse to the voice of a first-person narrator – so according to Alan; “it’s a first-person narrative without the first person. I don’t use the word(s) I, me, my anywhere.” [...]