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Nazis from beyond the grave

NB. This story has been slightly superseded by “actual” events, and as such a link* will be included at the end to clarify these heinous circumstances and their eventual resolution.
Adolf Hitler tried to stop me buying Mirrormask.
It’s true, I tells you. Noted believer in the power of the occult and the foresight of soothsayers, [...]

Wild at Heart, and Weird on Top

It’s been a David Lynch sort of day. Not in the dancing dwarves sense, rather a day that’s been permeated by things of a Lynchian sensibility.
The new Scott Walker album’s been playing in the background most of the afternoon (recommended by the redoubtable Mr Day – thanks Mike), which picks up themes from 1998’s [...]

public service announcement

Before you decide on your film viewing this weekend, please make sure you have exercised proper quality control over what you might be viewing…
This link, and downloading this podcast should address any nagging concerns you might have about what to watch…
(Kermode gets particularly ranty.. you might want to turn the sound down before he [...]

on memory

Went to the Watershed last night and saw the preview of ‘Unknown White Male’. And was rather impressed. Deliberately didn’t read up on anything about the piece beforehand, although the James Frey-related controversy regarding it’s ‘authenticity’ hadn’t escaped my notice. And it’s a beautiful piece of documentary film-making. Without falling into the trap of being [...]

not quite the centre of the universe then

But still pretty close. MirrorMask gets a semi-general release from March 3rd, which seems to mean that any cinema with an interest in showing it has picked it up – there’s a list on the back page of today’s Observer which includes the Watershed – and Dave is doing a Q&A after screenings in London, [...]

I got my heart

First of all, to let everyone know who might remotely care that the Watershed are showing MirrorMask for two weeks at the start of March, in addition to the preview showing next Saturday. Thus demonstrating that Bristol is the centre of the universe. At least when it comes to getting a cinema run for alternative [...]

Chris Marker owes me money

As Andy adroitly pointed out this afternoon, I just showed la Jetee for the (hmn, count ‘em) fourth time this year. Marker owes me.
Or maybe there’ll be a national student revolt and I’ll be forbidden by law from showing it ever again. I’ll have to find some other way of explaining the role of composition [...]

as Dale Cooper once said

Once every day, take some time out to treat yourself. And having spent the last few days (in between birthday parties for small children and a bit of shopping) with my nose in New Media texts trying to trace a line between post-euclidean geometry and the interpretative landscape of new media, I’m off to see [...]

I’m sure everyone’s done this link already…

but I was catching up on my reading this evening, and followed the link from Scott McCloud’s blog. Look what’s in the list under W (and no, I don’t mean White Teeth, White Noise, or Wide Sargasso Sea).
It’s about time.
And, but for the not-faint-hearted, a couple of films we saw last weekend – Duck Children [...]

a number of things

This post could be about so many things. A viewing of the strange sister-movie to Cronenberg’s “A History of Violence’, ‘A History of Silence’, at the Vue Cinema in Bristol on Sunday (a strange experience wherein the audience sat through the first ten minutes of a movie without any sound being heard and all waited [...]