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“Welcome to England. Out of your left window and also your right one, you can see that it is raining. This is because it is now July, the traditional season for such weather. Flash flooding will be reported on tonight’s local news programmes. In the event of no flash flooding occurring, a report on the [...]

David Cronenberg, motifs and alternate presents

Today I am mostly dealing with piles of what could generously be called administration. I am also playing Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s I See a Darkness in the office, as the boss is out being psychometrically examined. She’ll be back later on, no doubt a new person with a renewed sense of purpose and management techniques. [...]

Many years from now

On the last day of work before Christmas I..
ran six tutorials,
got confused about my timetable saying I was in two places at once,
managed to attend a talk by the man who co-created K9*,
stood in the cold during a fire alarm test (they could have picked a warmer day for that one),
discussed game theory and possible [...]

personal threat and concomitant fear

Rather nice insight into David Lynch’s filmmaking technique from the point of view of psychological analysis.
A choice extract:
“While fear is generated with genuinely unsettling imagery and dark shadowy lighting, it also comes from the carefully managed attrition of any recognisable storyline. The audience, who have been led through the early stages of the plot with [...]

Happy Endings…

Okay, you so knew I was going to have a go at this story…
There was an item on Radio 2 (yes, it’s my day off, and I’m waiting for the car to be MOT-ed, so nothing more exciting, I’m afraid) this afternoon about ‘The Happy Ending Foundation’. Whose mission, as reported by their spokesperson, was [...]

“God have mercy”. part 12 of 21.

I think it was Caitlin Kiernan who pointed out that Johnny Cash’s ‘When The Man Comes Around‘ provided the perfect introduction to Zak Snyder’s remake of ‘Dawn of the Dead’, and quite rightly so. I still use that intro as an example of how to set up a film narrative.
However, just as appropriate was Shawn [...]

No, as far as I know, there aren’t

Today has been spent playing. Which is, as any designer or writer will tell you, the best part of this job. Just playing, ordering things and seeing if they work, then starting again and putting them together in a new pattern, all with an eye on the larger prize.
Fun. And I’m surrounded by books and [...]

It’s a global market now…

This made me smile. Not especially because it’s a good show (although it is, and a pleasant reminder of how good the West Wing was when Sorkin was writing it), but because of the timing of the review. Studio 60 aired in the US last night, and this morning, the Guardian are reviewing it in [...]

Here we go again…

Had the first formal request for advice on 3rd year dissertations this morning. While I’ve had plenty of informal discussions with students over the summer, this is the first emailed “I’m thinking of writing..“. It’s encouraging, though, that they (you, if you’re a 3rd year reading this) are thinking of the dissertation this early. Doesn’t [...]

Of course it does

From the BBC this morning, reporting on David Lynch’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the Venice Film Festival:
“He was also at the festival to premiere his latest film, Inland Empire, which includes hallucinatory scenes and a talking rabbit voiced by Naomi Watts.
Lynch assured baffled critics “it’s supposed to make perfect sense”.
“Every film is like going into [...]