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Swimming for the shore

Swamped. And trying to pull myself out.
That’s how best to describe any activity this week. I’d post something erudite and witty here, but I’m not sure it’d make the grade, or even get past the pile of stuff to do. For example:
Lecture 3: Critical Language in New Media
Tom Abba
Week 3: 16/10/07
The emergent critical language of [...]

Mini Gurr and Dziga Vertov

Oh, how the mighty are fallen. Today, I have mostly been writing a lecture in response to Lev Manovich’s ‘Vertov’s Dataset‘, and trying to leave as many questions unanswered as I provide solutions. Resisting the urge to yell “but he’s wrong, and here’s why” is proving difficult.
In other news, though, many many many congratulations to [...]

Todorov and Equipoise

Right. Had lunch, and no thefts from students today, although I’ve reasoned that boiled potatoes are less likely to be lifted from my plate. If only because they’re smothered in leek and cream sauce.
You all really wanted to know the details of my dinner, didn’t you?
And to this. Which is, I promise, the final time [...]

A chip is a thin edge of a wedge

First day back, and already a first year stole some of my lunch.. You’d have thought I’d get some respect by now, but no, I’m contaminated by having taught some of them on Foundation last year. On a more positive note, I did get to sign a British Library thesis agreement form, which means that [...]

Dammit, forgot to put a title again

I’m drafting a follow-up piece to the ‘Advice for PhD students” post from a year or so ago, although what ought to go at the top is something about it never being over until it’s over. Reading through the final copy again, you’re bound to spot an instance where two writers’ first names have mysteriously [...]


As hinted at late last week, I’m running full pelt at work this week, having finally settled on a new look for the blog. First out of the gate is a lecture based around Gibson’s The Agrippa Files. This doesn’t get a lot of press (alongside my other favourite piece of new media, Chris Marker’s [...]

Save the Cheerleader

Okay, I’ve missed all of the first season, and am now watching it on BBC2 (there was, oddly, enough, a little too much to do earlier in the year to add another TV show to my list), and so I’ve just seen the first two installments of Heroes.
So, I’m way too late to get excited [...]

A candidate for the people

A mixed day, mostly involving being woken up very early by the fire alarm upstairs. I blame the buffoons who’ve moved in next door. They haven’t been round to borrow a cup of tea yet, but there’s still time. Can I complain to the council about ex-students living next door, I wonder?
The rest of the [...]

2 days later

Now, I was brought up properly, or so I like to think, and in light of that I ought to say thankyou to everyone who turned out last Thursday and made me feel less old than I actually am.
Before that, however, here’s a photo for Vibs.

Giant puppets!!
Anyway, back to the real world. So; thanks to [...]

On Fallibility

The universe takes away, and it gives back in equal measure.
That was the title of yesterday’s unwrittten post about coincidence and the universe playing games, but it’s been supplanted by today’s events, which the author will now call:
‘On keeping proper notes and taking one’s own advice’
When I stand up in front of students and give [...]