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Oh, come on…

“A professor has been told he breached data protection laws because of the way he replied to a complaint from a concerned parent.”
Geriant Johnes, head of Economics at Lancaster, disclosed details of a first year student’s timetable to the student’s mother, addressing a complaint she’d made about the level of support he was receiving. At [...]

I am trying to think of something interesting, but it’s Tuesday, and my brain is tired

There are four papers to read on my desk (Toward an Ecology of Gaming, How Interactive Can Fiction Be?, Seeing Double: Emulation in Theory and Practice and Timely Art: Hybridity in New Cinema) and I swear I will write something interesting tomorrow about at least one of them.

Nearly, nearly… no, that’s not it.

Kate Pullinger addresses the future (albeit through a veil of production and distribution costs) for book publishing in the Guardian:
“As a digital writer (yes, it’s true, I am entirely composed of pixels now), my primary interest is in stories created for the new media, the “born-digital”, as opposed to adapting content intended for the book [...]

Oops, got to go. Sorry. Affairs of state.

Not much time to write this morning, as I thought I’d got a good hour before I have to head out to meet the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and just got an email saying his schedule has been moved forward by half an hour, and we’re now expected earlier than we thought. Government, eh?
I’m sure [...]


Well, that cheered me up no end. Gene Hunt, that is, not the interest rate cut (I am officially getting old, by the way – not only am I noting interest rate cuts in a ‘what will what do to mortgage rate manner, and blogging about it, but I also switched my radio alarm to [...]

Many years from now

On the last day of work before Christmas I..
ran six tutorials,
got confused about my timetable saying I was in two places at once,
managed to attend a talk by the man who co-created K9*,
stood in the cold during a fire alarm test (they could have picked a warmer day for that one),
discussed game theory and possible [...]

Rumours of..

It’s a hell of a week – 50% more teaching than I’m contracted to (it works like that sometimes), so any updates will be a matter of luck rather than planning.
Just to reassure everyone that I’m not dead.

Quoting from the Times rather more than usual

Rather fine piece on Science Fiction in the Times. Bryan Appleyard is a writer I’ve had cause to disagree with in the past, but here he’s largely fair and balanced, and while I’m not sure that this is a renaissance for SF (this might be a response to Aldiss, about whom much could be written. [...]

What’s a Pouilly Fume anyway?

Further to yesterday’s post hinting that an install of Leopard was proving interesting. I have some advice for upgraders.
Do not think you’re being oh-so-cunning when, after the aging DVD drive on your G4 Powerbook has a flaky time with the install disc, you decide to run the installation from the shiny new iMac at work. [...]

publish and be damned

The server had a fit, and threw me out for a few days until I swore at it and tried to fix things. In the end, upgrading to Wordpress 2.3 was the easiest (and seemed to fix things) option. However, some things are having a bit of a wobble. Not the least of which is [...]