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Tariffs, education and leagues..

A peculiar post.
For Alistair Horne, and anyone who’s interested.
Sam Missingham posted on Futurebook this morning regarding male/female bias in publishing, and I responded by asking about the ex-Public School ratio in the same industry. Alistair Horne picked me up on this and asked about Oxbridge.
As I mentioned – I’m not trying to be chippy (if [...]

The dissolution of the monasteries

The really annoying thing about this is that Grayling’s central thesis (as argued briefly on Radio 4’s Today Programme) is right – the Humanities and the Arts are a central tenet of a civilised society. Without them, we don’t get Brunel, we get the worst excesses of 50’s concrete shell housing. We don’t get Eco [...]

this one’s for @DrR_Ed

The question was:
“Can anyone recommend academics that use social media well? And might tempt others to do so? (such as @tomabba)”
I asked: “@DrR_Ed in your field, or generally?”
And it was duly contextualised with:
“@tomabba Generally – just making a point that academics don’t need to shudder at the mention of twitter or blogging”
So. Here goes.
We should [...]

On relative worth

I might the first to say it (apparently so, judging by the obfuscation present in both print and online media today) but, if the government wants a straight answer, then no. The two degrees are not the same, and everyone knows it. To pretend to have ‘discovered’ otherwise is an utter fallacy.
One of these degrees [...]

On Copyrighted Matters

There’s an odd tradition amongst academic writers and publishers, that essentially involves the signing away of copyright to the publisher upon publication. Which, while explaining the ‘reprinted with kind permission of whomever it might be‘ notices that appear in the acknowledgement pages of collected publications, is a little odd. Our publishers in most cases are [...]

Especially for futureMrsT

Now, this is ridiculous. As I twittered today: An institution’s regulatory prohibition of the colon in course title punctuation is indicative of systemic mismanagement.
A statement which is, as I’m sure you’ll all agree, self-evident. Especially when one discovers that Module Titles, quite apart from Programme Titles, are in fact perfectly welcome to include said puncutation [...]

My morning so far

“Maybe I should blog this” I thought a few moments ago, as the first student of the day failed to appear.
It’s not the first time either – before the advent of ‘having a semblance of a proper job’ I’ve spent too many similar days sat in chilly rooms waiting for students to turn up for [...]

10 things I decided last night with a glass of wine

I foolishly promised to give a short talk to the 1st year students today, the suggested title of which was:
“Ten things every Interactive Narrative Designer should remember”
Here it is, with short notes. I think, on the whole, that it works. It even has a conclusion, which is more than I expected it to.
1. Readers expect [...]

Going-Away Rooms

Hmn. I was going to blog about my day, or about why I haven’t blogged for a week or so, or about the splendid weekend in London, but instead I’m going to expose a pernicious evil in the world. An evil I’ve personally witnessed spreading its wicked, slimy tentacles across the crisply trimmed lawn of [...]

7 days is a long time in academia

A much better week this time around. Must be something to do with students actually being here, and therefore everyone has to get on with the job rather than worrying around like headless chickens worrying about how to do it. Whatever the reason though, this week has been wonderful. I’ve:
Talked for two and a half [...]