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Steve Ditko

If you get the chance, watch “In Search of Steve Ditko“. Really, Watch it. It’s not turned up on YouTube yet, but if it does I’ll post a link here. It’s the best, and most honest thing Jonathan Ross has ever done on TV. For anyone interested in the language of comics, the manner in [...]

A couple of things

Ah, the folly of some people…
Germaine Greer (whom I quite admire, in a ‘wouldn’t want to be stuck in a lift with her, but she’s usually quite interesting’ way) has written a book about Anne Hathaway. Hathaway was Shakespeare’s wife, and is, in terms of Shakespeare’s life, largely anonymous. Not a great deal is known [...]

A post with too many parentheses

As Neil puts it, a sensible article on adapting novels as comics from Ned Beauman at the Guardian. Interesting to see him using Art Spiegelman’s introduction to the adaptation of ‘City of Glass’, too. What that little tome got exactly right was the requirement of an adaptation to consider the medium into which it was [...]

Bits on literature

I read something today in which Christopher Hitchens was described as ’street’. Well, in context, more ’street’ than Richard Dawkins. It’s a funny old world I live in.
Elsewhere, Warren Ellis manages to provide me with as good a definition of ‘disingenuous’ as I’ve heard in ages. While calling for comics criticism to be written ‘with [...]

“My memoirs. My memoirs.” part 8 of 21.

I’ve had too easy a time of poking fun at industry analysts before, and at the risk of playing the same tune again, I was reminded this lunchtime of Paul Jackson, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. Back in February, Jackson remarked that “I think it will be a long while before a big company like [...]


Way back when, before I owned a computer, and well before I started worrying about interaction, and agency, and ergodic literature (although, unbeknownst to my 18 year old self, I was always after ergodic literature. Wish I’d known that back then), I read comics. Lots of comics. For a while anyway, then I grew out [...]


From Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s ‘From Hell’. Epilogue II. ‘Dance of the Gull Catchers’.
“This is harder than it looks. They all take a swing at it. Some even think they’ve bagged it, but the net, on examination, turns out empty.”
“the greater part of any murder is the field of theory, fascination and hysteria that [...]

Politics and praise

I’ve never voted Conservative in my life, and while David Cameron’s videoblogging website is an interesting idea, it’s not going to make me change my mind overnight. There’s an openness that’s refreshing about it, although on the downside; the product placement of Ecover washing up liquid is a little blatant, and the John McCain interview [...]

weeding and clearing the garden

While I’m here, a thought about podcasting. When all this started a year or so ago, and probably about the time that Ricky Gervais was podcasting through the Guardian, I was listening to as many as I could find. I tried newcasts, summaries, entertainment, music, the whole lot.
And then I stopped. It was probably having [...]

reading around the subject

First of all, Heidi MacDonald’s extended interview with Alan Moore is here, and here (for part 2). A lot of expected discussion of Alan’s relationship (well, it’s a relationship in much the same way as a divorced couple have a ‘relationship’ in linguistic terms only) with DC and the film industry in general. Go and [...]