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Why webcomics don’t work. Yet

Well. It’s been a few weeks. Or a week or three and a couple of days. if you read the Mail, then we’ve all been waiting for the BBQ summer, and have been bitterly disappointed by the non-emergence of the sunshine. Or, if you’re a normal human being, its been an English summer and it’s [...]

Oh, for goodness sake, enough already

Zack Snyder defends Watchmen. And misses the point, once again. Critics didn’t hate it because it didn’t have Brad Pitt in it, and a good many of them had read, and were very familiar with the source material. Just to make matters worse, though, the Guardian spectacularly misses it’s own point when it falls over [...]

Meanwhile, back in reality

Can’t help but feel that:
“As part of the film’s publicity, director Zack Synder took the original DC in-house advertising images, as drawn in black and white by Gibbons, and turned them into live action images. It was at this point that DC’s VP of Sales, Bob Wayne, realized that the project was in the hands [...]

Scott McCloud and Media Specific Texts

I’ve been playing with the layout a little. Well, not so much playing as fixing some things that, like the dripping tap in the bathroom, lurked in the corner and were largely forgotten about until some moment of serendipity arose and attended to them (the tap in the bathroom was actually fixed by magic, but [...]

I am now damned and doomed

Oh dear. I had a conversation this afternoon that I never thought I’d ever (have to) have.
IT Support (from behind beard): Afternoon Tom, what can I do for you?
Me: I need to, er, well.
ITS (fbb): Go on, out with it.
Me: I need a copy of er.
ITS (fbb): A copy of?
Me: Windows. There, I said it.
ITS [...]

Sketchbooks ARE Arguments

Going to be a short post today, as I’m heading off shortly to the launch of what was once described (elsewhere on the internet) as a ‘crappy f*cking comic‘ (I think it goes without saying that I’m not about to dignify that particular comment with a link, or a remark (I also note that that [...]

Ahem (clears throat)…

Right. Enough is enough.
I’ve been labelled a ‘middle class wanker’ by virtue of my living in Southville and daring to have aspirations, a career, and want to go out in the evening and not be confronted by football-beshirted morons. I’ve read the diatribes about the City Council (most of which are undoubtedly true, but do [...]

Tea and no Sushi whatsoever

Well. Tradition dictates that Adventures should be spoken of in hushed whispers, and withe due deference to matters of international security, but it’s me, and although I signed the Act a number of years ago, it doesn’t apply to everything I do.
So. Yesterday began very early in the morning, after I’d agreed to be a [...]

Blown it, mostly

Right then. Comics Britannia.
Speaking as someone writing a series of documentaries along similar lines (although directed at a different sector of the viewing audience) I was intrigued, and interested to see what the BBC did with the opportunity to discuss the history of (British) comics for three hours. They had a decent budget, a complementary [...]

A promise is a promise

In Search of Steve Ditko has appeared on YouTube, so for those of you who might be living in foreign climes, here’s the first part. If you head to the main site, you’ll find the other six sections.
[coolplayer width="480" height="380" autoplay="0" loop="0" charset="GBK" download="1" mediatype=""]
(actually, Mr Gaiman got there first and posted the link, but [...]