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Being unwell

This has been an odd sort of week. I don’t get ill, generally. And when I do, I’m a really lousy patient. On Monday morning, while sat at work, I felt as if a 200lb gorilla had been using me for wrestling practice. given that this is 2008, I changed my status on facebook:
“Tom really [...]

It’s Will Self’s Birthday

But I’m really swamped, and trying to juggle writing lectures, arranging my timetable, being in two places at once, not snapping at anyone who asks me to do something they haven’t done themselves and haven’t given me any information about, and above all not losing my temper.
Which is difficult right at the moment.
Hence no interesting [...]

I once wanted to become an atheist, but I gave up…

On an auspicious day (thanks to Becca Edwards, I can exclusively point you toward this damning evidence of our survival), I regret to announce the temporary cessation of content on these here pages.
We’re off on holiday until next weekend. I’m not telling you were, as you’ll all come and bother me, but rest assured, it’s [...]

Another of Satan’s Ways…

This is, once again, like shooting fish in a barrel. With a shotgun.
The Daily Mail covers the impending switch-on of the Large Hadron Collider, in a typically restrained manner….
“Landmark experiment to unlock secrets of Big Bang could cause end of the world, say scientists in court bid to halt it”
Yes. Yes it could. It could [...]

Lest I be banished to the bottom of the garden

Dear all.
Owing to a rash promise made last night after a glass or two of wine, I find myself in the position of having to invent a time machine (in order that it can be Friday evening on Thursday*), or face exile to the shed. In fact, I may in fact be exiled to the [...]

Rhymes with frack

I was going to ask a facetious question this afternoon, and get the internet (or, failing that, you lot out there) to answer it.
According to the little plaque outside his house, we have a Consultant Naturologist at the end of the street. As one does, I wondered what one was, and how one became one. [...]

Closing Tabs and Disappearing Unmentionables

You’ll all have seen this superlative example of photoshop work, but if not, then I’ll join the chorus of interweb people linking to it anyway. I mean, how did they think they’d get away with something as blatant as lying to the world’s press about the existence of a weapon of mass destruction?
Oh… yeah.
And evidence [...]


Blogging comes in fits and starts these days. Not down to a lack of things to talk about, rather down to a lack of time to talk about them. Moving house does that for you, apparently. The last two weeks have been spent packing boxes (and therefore being unable to find notes to oneself to [...]

A few thoughts on copyright

I’m picking up on a meme that’s been floating around (well, been hammered into our collective skulls by the press) by writing about this, but the subject of copyright and the Harry Potter lexicon has been bothering me for a week or two.  Somewhere in the middle of all of this is the notion of [...]

A blast from the past

Many years ago, I worked for an engineering company in Bristol. Some commentators on this blog refer to that time as the years during which I “painted nuclear missiles“, despite my assuring them that I never (mostly) went near any sort of warhead. Nuclear or otherwise.
It is with some sense of relief though, that I [...]