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13 down, 39 to go

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about Marshall McLuhan here, which is a bit of an oversight on my part, and will be addressed forthwith. McLuhan, despite having died 16 years ago, is still one of the most apposite thinkers and theorists regarding new media. This collection of McLuhan’s ‘probes’ (the term arises from his [...]

the 2nd aspect

No real reason, just that that’s written on the post-it note nearest me. Today was mostly spent rearranging said post-it notes on a much larger piece of paper. Which sounds like fun, and actually was, in many ways. Some of these post-its have lines drawn between them, some have little notes scribbled in pencil [...]


It’s difficult to say when someone’s ‘made it’. Is it the first bestseller? The TV series of their life? The interview on the Late Review?
Recognition comes in a variety of forms, and as he’s not posted about this on his blog yet, I get in first…

Ladies and gentlemen, move your gaze from the disgruntled bus [...]

oh, and

yes, I’m back. Not as much written as I’d hoped, but on a positive note I do know what the other half of the novel looks like, which I didn’t before I left. Now all I have to do is work out how to write 60,000 words of maze.
And I’m not verbose. No matter what [...]

12 down, 40 to go

I’m being fairly arbitrary with my selection of books this year. Some I’ve picked up because I wanted to read them, and didn’t get chance before, some I’ve chosen for the cover, or the first page, and have gone on to find something rare and valuable. This one, though, was a real pleasure, and the [...]

11 down, 41 to go

Even though I finished three books this week, I’ll save the other two until tomorrow, so as not to overload the book count. So, first of all – the one that I’ve talked about most on this blog.

Victoria Nelson’s ‘The Secret Life of Puppets’. Which is, in a word, wonderful. Nelson draws together gnostic [...]

sometimes it’s hard being me

There are no search results for “crinkled dimensions” on Google. And Yahoo just laughed at me. In fact, the only useful thing I found was an academic pdf through ask.com which contained the following:
“But there are some weird implications, notably extra dimensions. We live in a four-dimensional world (three space and one time), but the [...]

split personalities

Just back from Camden, which was superb, as ever, and a haven of calm amidst the rest of life. A haven filled with books, wine, and a large black cat who now thinks I’m his friend. Life wasn’t always like that..
And something became clear over the last two days. I’m writing the introduction to John [...]

10 down, 42 to go

Before I get going here, I feel I ought to point out that in my humble opinion, Mark Gatiss can write comedy very very well indeed. His career ably demonstrates that.

He just doesn’t write it here, I’m afraid. On the surface, The Vesuvius Club is a romp – Gatiss acknowledges the book as ‘a bit [...]

lots of things and…

It’s been a busy couple of days, and in between tutorials, both home and abroad, and ploughing my way through more text than I thought feasible, or readable, there has been some progress on a number of issues. Although I must now get around to reading Steve Weiner’s ‘The Museum of Love‘ in the next [...]